2023 Consumer Confidence Report

Please go to the Reports Page to download and view the report.

W.I.F.A. Grant Award

New Meters - Remote Monitoring - System Mapping

•We're thrilled to share the news that Voyager at White Mountain Lake Water Company has been awarded a grant from The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona's Water Conservation Grant Fund.

•This grant brings with it a wave of positive changes for our water system, all without any additional direct costs to our valued customers. Several customers will suffer the cost of accurately measured water use as the new meters at their service connection will replace a slow or non-registering meter. 

•With this grant, we're embarking on essential upgrades that will not only improve our system's efficiency but also ensure its longevity and health for years to come.

•By replacing outdated water meters with advanced radio read meters and implementing remote monitoring for our production wells, we're investing in a more reliable and sustainable water infrastructure. These upgrades will not only help us locate leaks in real time, reducing water loss, but also enhance our ability to pump efficiently and detect potential issues early.

•These upgrades are not only vital for the health of our system but also for keeping costs stable in the long run.

•We understand the importance of stability and reliability, and these improvements are our commitment to providing just that.

•As we move forward with these enhancements, we'll keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring transparency and openness throughout the process.

•Thank you for your continued support as we work towards a brighter, more resilient future for our water system and community.

Note: If you are reading this an intereseted in participating in this project as a contractor please visit the Projects page for biding information.

Late Charges

November 4, 2023

I don’t know when it was that Lem Cook discontinued assessing late charges for a delinquent account but I suspect it correlates with his personally falling behind on sending billings a couple of years ago.

Now that we have caught up on billing and launched billing software with a customer portal for account access, email statement option, and card payments we will resume the late charge fees for accounts that are delinquent at the January 2024 billing. 

That means the November use bill sent in December (the December bill), that will be due on January 5, 2024, is the first bill that customers should be sure to pay in full to avoid being assessed a late charge of 1.5% of the delinquent balance.

We know that the USPS has failed to deliver water bills on many occasions most recently. But now that there is an email delivery option for what should be a more reliable delivery, we encourage everyone to establish their account access through the new customer portal and be sure your favorite email address is included in your account record.  See the instructions below for this feature.

New Billing Software Launched

October 30, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new billing software that includes several features I hope you will enjoy.

There is online access to your water service account where you can

  1. View your billing activity
  2. Change your contact information
  3. Set and change your statement delivery preference (email or snail mail)
  4. Make a card payment (it says credit card but I tested with a debit card)
  5. Sign up for auto pay on a card (a request that we approve)

To gain access to your account online you will need to use the link below. 

Once at the sign in page you will use the "Enable Portal" button to begin the process. The system will ask for your account number and have you set a password.

To accommodate the new software we had to change the account numbers slightly. We exchanged all the trailing letters used in our old system for a hyphen and two digits that relate to the number position of the letter used in the alphabet.  For instance, account number 19-1540A is now 19-1540-01 and account number 32-1321B is now 32-1321-02. If there was no letter at the end of your old account number you will need to use -00 for the extension. Meaning account number 34-0290 is now 34-0290-00. 

We were not able to add any billing history to the system. The account balances as of the end of day on the 29th were uploaded on Monday the 30th.  From this time forward the billing (beginning with November) and payment activity will be added to the online account data for your review.

While the system accommodates our recovering the cost of card processing with a convenience fee, we will not be charging any fee at least through the end of this year. We hope that many will opt to receive billing statements my email and the cost savings of not printing and mailing will help offset the 3.5%+ card processing charges. Time will tell the story.

Of course we will still accept checks and money order payments if you like. The card option is something that has been requested by many. However, if you continue to send bill payment checks from your bank please help us out by changing the account number reference in your bill pay system to match the new account number which will be displayed on the November bills.

Please know that the system is set to enable email statements for all of the customers regardless of our having an email on file. Therefore, unless you select the email statement delivery field to suppress it you will receive an emailed statement for November. If you prefer to get email delivery only please select suppress in the print statement field to save us the printing and mailing cost.  

This is a big step that many folks have been waiting for. I hope we have transferred the data accurately to the new system but if there are any questions or concerns, please reply or write to this email address: office@VoyagerWMLWater.com.

Here is the link I promised: 


Thank you all for your patience and understanding over the many years of our service to you.

Results of Emergency Rate Application!

A.C.C. heard the case on August 8, 2023     

The Voyager @ White Mountain Lake Water Company emergency rate application was heard on Tuesday the 8th of August. The Corporation Commission approved the  requested surcharge needed to provide safe and reliable drinking water for the White Mountain Lakes community. The $29..55 per month surcharge will be included on the September bills which will be mailed on September 22nd. We will return to monthly billings with the October billing which will be out near the middle of October this year. 

Please go to the REPORTS PAGE. to read the full application and/or download a copy of your own. 


Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

Unfortunately the AZ DES Low Income Household Water Assistance Program funding has been exhausted so there is no current help available there.

Please see the flyer image below to get help from the Northern Arizona Council of Governments


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