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The main line: 928-537-8168 (message only).  We know that many times in the past there was no response to the messages left on this number. However, we pledge to check the messages daily and we will respond within 36 hours.

New Emergency line: 928-940-0042. Only emergencies are to be reported to that number. Emergencies include system water leaks detected along the roadways, low water pressure, loss of water flow, or if your pipe burst and your shutoff valve is not visible to turn off on your side of our water meter box. DO NOT GO INTO THE METER BOX TO TURN OFF YOUR WATER SUPPLY unless we permit you to do so.  Otherwise, we will turn it off so that you do not incur the penalty for breaking our valve should it fail.  Please note: a failure to plan on your part DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY on our part. People who use the emergency line for other than emergencies risk having their number blocked from receiving future calls.

Email:  Email is an effective way to communicate long messages. You can send a question or concern by email and we will respond within 36 hours.

Mogollon Water Management
Report Q3 2023

Compliance Achievements:

  • Attained 100% compliance status.
  • Rectified all ADEQ Violations within first month of operations
  • Formulated and implemented Lead Copper Sample Plan.
  • Collected required RTCR samples.
  • Completed the 2022 Consumer Confidence Report.
  • Addressed all minor discrepancies from the 2022 site inspection report.
  • Updated service connection counts and well identification data with ADEQ.

Production Enhancements:

  • Strawberry Site: Upgraded automation and control systems for enhanced operational efficiency. Initiated chlorination process as a proactive measure for potential contaminants, ensuring safety despite no current bacterial presence. Received one customer call regarding chlorine dosage concern. Current system residual is 92% less than legal limit. Odor will be near undetectable as the disinfectant reactions stabilize.
  • Shumway Well: Advanced to full automation with modernized digital pressure controls.
  • Juniper Ridge Tank and Booster Station: Remedied leaks and reactivated booster systems, prepping for full automation post comprehensive inspections.
  • Bourdon Well: Following testing of well community members raised concerns regarding discolored water. Modifications are underway to allow safe and stable automation integration. Directional flushing of lines will be required to prevent color issues in the area due to change of flow when the well is running.

Security Upgrades:

  • Centralized storage units, equipment, and inventory to a secured location.
  • Enhanced perimeter security at key sites.

Off Billing Policy

In response to the recent Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) approved surcharge being added to our water bills several customers have asked about suspending service during the cooler temperature months as they return to warmer climates in the Fall.

Our policy of many years has been according to the ACC rules that allow a utility to recover lost revenue from off billing periods. The February 2000 approved tariffs (the ones we have enjoyed for 23+ years) allow for our charging a reconnect fee of $40 in addition to the months off system times the minimum (currently $46.35 with added surcharge). Our policy is to collect back months minimum billing for up to 12 months plus the $40 reconnect fee when re-establishing service for the customer.

If a customer is off billing for more than 12 months they will begin to realize a savings when they re-establish service after that due to the $40 reconnect fee being less than the current monthly minimum of $46.35.

An example would be having your water service discontinued November 1st and returning to service on May 1st the following year. The bills for December through May (April use) would be suspended for that time. The returning customer would be required to pay the $40 reconnect fee plus $278.10 (6 x $46.35) to re-establish service in May. 

While this policy is unpopular, it is necessary to accommodate the annual costs of maintaining a safe and reliable water delivery service to the White Mountain Lake Community. 

You can review the ACCC approved tariff schedule by finding the PDF document on the reports page.

Our Assurances

Understandably we have received a lot of questions about the operations of the Voyager water company after the passing of owner and operator, Lem Cook. 

We are pleased to have a certified operator of the water system, Blake Anderson, owner of Mogollon Water Management. Blake and his team will be responding to all water delivery and emergency issues as well as conducting regular maintenance of the system.  

Marc will continue to manage the office duties and answer any questions regarding account billing and payments. 

Electronic or Online Payment Options

On October 30, 2023 we went live with a new billing software that includes online access to accounts and card payments for customers. We are still accepting  Checks or Money Orders through the USPS or the drop slot in the door at the office space we rent (but don't occupy to give payment receipts yet) at 1900 Bourdon Street. If you have a bank account there is likely a free service to have your bank send a check through their bill pay system.  If bill pay is used please change the account number reference to match the account number in the new system. 

New or Changes to Water Service

To obtain an application for new or to change existing water service to your name please use our Contact Form on the home page or email to Be sure to include your phone contact in the message section so we can fully discuss your need.

Billing is caught up

Thank you for enduring the process needed to get the billing back in line with the standard practice. 

With the October bill we are back on schedule with having bills produced for the previous month of use and sent by the middle of the month. Payments are due on the 5th of the following month as usual also. 


With this achieved we will have one more month (November billing) of suspended late charges. Late charges will resume for accounts not paid current from the December bills when we process the January bills. Please be sure to bring your account current by the December due date of January 5, 2024

Thank you & Future hopes

Thanks go to so many in the community that have offered condolences regarding the loss of my long time friend and employer, Lem Cook.

Many have offered to help in a variety of ways and that is also appreciated.

We have had a great deal of support from the state agencies that oversee public utilities. They assisted us in process of finding a certified operator for the system. Ultimately we expect to have new commanders over all. We know this last statement likely creates more questions than answers. Unfortunately, we do not know at this time what these changes will look like. We will update this page as information becomes available to us so we encourage you to check back here often.

Until then we are open to hearing from you if you want to participate in the water company operations. We are extremely limited in what we can do with the resources we have available at this time. However, we will assemble a list of interested folks to draw from when things change down the road.  You can email us at or use the Contact Form to advise us of your particular interest.

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